Covid 19 Travel Packages

You are required to follow guidelines set out by the UK Government upon arriving to the UK. Day 2 and Day 8 are mandatory tests for every International Arrival. You can benefit from our Fit to Fly UK Travel Packages if you are intending to travel out of the UK or intend on ending your quarantine period sooner.

Day 2 PCR Package

Day 2 LFT and Fit to Fly PCR test. Departure from the UK Fit to Fly

Some countries require a PCR test 48 hours before your flight, please check with your airline or country of travel before booking your test.

Day 2 & 8 Package

Day 2 & 8 international arrivals PCR test kit and Pre - Departure from UK Fit to Fly PCR test Kit.

Day 2, 5 & 8 Package

You can benefit from a Test to Release test if you're in a hurry to end your quarantine period early.


You are able to verify which list your country of departure is listed on, on the UK Government website. Guidelines on what you are required to do when you enter the UK can also be found on the UK Government website. You are required to complete a passenger locator form 48 hours before your arrival to the UK, a booking reference will be provided to input into the 

The Process

Book online

Complete checkout process with correct details

Booking reference provided for Green and Amber list arrivals

Next Day Delivery

Receive your Self - Test Kit via next day delivery.

Green and Amber purchases dispatched on date of arrival

Collect sample

Collect your sample using easy to follow instructions.

Seal Box.

Register your Sample online using order number

Return Sample

Check Royal Mail Priority box collection times nearest to you.

Post your sample via Priority Mail Box


Results are reported < 36 hours of receipt of sample to our laboratory

Results sent electronically

Travel Package

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you do not need to book an appointment.  You will receive your Home Test Kit via post.

Yes, a home test kit can be used at home. You are required to collect the sample using the instructions enclosed and return the sample in the prepaid envelop to the laboratory for analysis.

Yes, home test kit for Covid 19 is an acceptable method of testing approved by the UK Government.

The Coronavirus home collection test kit contains a nasal and throat swab which collect a sample of cells which is sent back to a lab for testing. The lab performs a very sensitive test that looks for the RNA of the virus using a technique called RT-PCR. RT-PCR tests work by detecting specific genetic material known as viral RNA within the virus. By detecting viral RNA, which will be present in the body before symptoms of the disease are present, the tests can tell whether or not someone has the virus very early on.

You will need to post your swab via a priority post box before Midday on the same day that the test is taken. You can identify priority post boxes by accessing the Royal Mail app or website and typing in your postcode.

You should not post your results on a Saturday or Sunday.

You will be notified of your results via email within 24 – 48 hours of receiving sample to the laboratory.  A Fit to Fly certificate will also be enclosed.

Due to high volumes of phone calls, the quickest and best way to contact us would be to scroll down fill in the “contact us” form below and we will respond to you promptly. 

Alternatively, you can also email us on .